Draft: Three behaviors I will focus on even more and three phrases I will stop using

Phases of change are a good chance to reflect. Reflect on what I want to do on live, what is important for me and how I want to interact with others. Here are some things I want to focus on even more in future and why they are important to me.

  • Talk less, do more: I’ve grown a bit tired of the the corporate keynote speakers, the inspires and motivators. I want to make an impact as someone doing more and talking less, being hands on and make it happen. It’s the good line managers and team leads in organizations that make it happen. I want to be one of them in future
  • Be positive: You demotivate someone motivated best by saying ‘We already tried several times. And it never work. So this is a waste of time.’ I believe a positive reaction would benefit both the individual and the suggested project. You never know if contextual factors changed and the idea could actually be a good one after all. How I want to respond ‘Interesting idea. If you want, I can connect you to Carol. She worked on a similar idea and I am sure she would like to tell you more about her learnings.
  • Assume the good: This is the most crucial and most difficult aspect for me. Because for example what is the good about someone yelling at you? Nothing really. But I want to become better in not taking situations like these personal and instead concentrating on that it’s the individual yelling who has a hard time/problem/issue to solve. Changing perspectives in difficult situations and assuming that there is a reason for everything are two ways how I can get there.
  • Cancel all: “You should already know this” While the former ones where things I want to do more of, the next three bullet points are phrases I want to stop saying completely.
  • Cancel all: “Actually it’s spelled T-H-E-I-R and the colour is not according to our design guidelines.
  • Cancel all: “If you don’t take notes you will not record anything.”

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