Draft: 1,5 years of commuting in favorite podcast episodes

We all have different reasons for taking on hours of commuting to work every day. Usually I listen to some kind och podcast. If I like an episode particular well, I save it es favorite. A list for the big days. Today I skimmed though one and a half years of favorite episodes, covering a range of topics and languages. This reflects not only time of my life but the themes and things I enjoy hearing more about.


Annual Review conversations

At times I when I get bored about fuzzy HR and business podcasts I like listening to Annual Review Conversations. This podcast discusses research from different fields and summarises results. When I get bored by vague results which are not close enough to my daily work, I switch to the fuzzy HR and business podcasts as well.

  • What can Leadership Development Do for your organization?

Förnuft och känsla

A swedish Podcast produced by the magazine Dagens Industri. In each episode an important Swedish leader us interviewed and asked a set of questions. I like the flow the conversations have and the way they develop.

  • Kasta ut konsulterna!

McKinsey Podcast

Fairly short episodes covering a range of industry trends in interviews with McKinsey experts.

  • Facing up to digital disruption: Reinventing the core with bold business
  • What’s stalling progress for women at work
  • Learning from leaders in cloud infrastructure adoption


A Swedish podcast about the brain and how we are able to understand us as human beings better by understanding the brain.

  • En berättelse om utatting


A swedish podcast focusing on everything related to the field of psychology.

  • Ă…terhämtning: enkla tipps i vardagen

The Economist Radio

I admit: Love it for the British accent and the black humor. But most and foremost for podcast full of quality content.

  • The week ahead: Billionaires and generals (04-08-2017; 17:42min): The first time ever I heard someone speaking High Valyrian – a fictional language specifically created for the series “Games of Thrones” (no, I do not watch it). This is definitely an episode for the sociolinguists among you.
  • What can economists learn from literature? (27:07:2017; 12:04min): After reading Kahnemann, I wanted to learn more about the field of behavioral economics. Morton Schapiro talks about the importance of understanding a culture for example by literature to implement effective policies in a way that made me want to read his book ‘Cents and Sensibility’.
  • Babage: Taxi for Travis (21-06-2017; 15:58min): Working in manufacturing, talking about how digitalisation will affect jobs and tasks in general became a bit tiresome. Roy Bahat sparked my interest of digging deeper into that by explaining the complexity of AI replacing jobs.
  • The Economist asks: What’s the next great leap for education? (20:45
  • Babbage: the automation game (18-01-2017; 23:41): Similar to Taxi for Travis, this episode explores how robots will have an impact on the workforce and if a computer chip is (or will be) comparable to a human brain.

SWR2 Wissen

A German podcast which each episode covering a theme in 30 well-researched minutes.

  • Der teilende Mensch (26:25 min)
  • Gefilterte Weltsicht: Wie das Internet die Weltwahrnehmung prägt
  • Gene oder Bildung
  • Warum Schwule nicht zuhören: Vorurteile
  • 55 plus im Job: Chancen fĂĽr Ă„ltere
  • ReichsbĂĽrger – Rechtsextreme Verschwörungstheoretiker

CIPD Podcast

The podcast of CIPD covers recent trends in HR and Learning & Development.

  • 122 Behavioral Science
  • 123 Social Learning


A Swedish podcast about HR in the broader sense. Katarina and Johan är HR consultants and invite important Swedish HR professionals to have a talk about their careers, their current work and developments in the field.

  • Katarina Berg CHRO Spotify

HR Happy Hour

Another HR podcast, this time from US. A bit more talking and longer episodes than for example CIPD’s. But some episodes are really insightful and content rich including

  • 277 The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report
  • 279 Artificial Intelligence for HR and for People
  • 280 Dave Ulrich, Victory through Organization

Nine 2 Thrive HR

A US-podcast about HR, this time shorter episodes and structured discussions with experts.

  • 003 Talent Assessment 101
  • Turning Workforce Guesswork into talent Science Part 1:
  • Neuroscience Makes Employee Engagement Waves
  • Candidate Experience: Take Time To Get It Right


A Swedish podcast focussing on career development.

  • #71: Tema – Konflikter


A Swedish podcast interviewing successful Swedish people.

  • Hur din hjärna fungerar med Hjärnforskaren Katarina Gospic

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